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Eastern Promises is a Kindred of the East campaign set primarily in the four districts that make up Hong Kong Island.

The game will presume little-to-no player knowledge of the setting, but if you want to get an overview, feel free to check out White Wolf’s wiki on the subject; in brief Eastern vampires are not chosen by other vampires, rather they have fought their way back from hell to return to their bodies and fulfil duties left incomplete.
White Wolf did release a ‘Hong Kong By Night’ source-book. Though some elements may be used, this campaign will not be based off that book.

There is a vast amount of information one can research on Hong Kong; what follows is a summary of the main differences between the real-world city and that of the game:

  • In the real world Hong Kong has a population of approximately 7 million. In the World of Darkness, it is closer to 15 million. Considering that in reality it is already one of the Earth’s most densely populated cities (4th), imagine the impact of this doubled population.
  • In 1997 the British handover of governance didn’t go quite as smoothly, resulting in a far more complex and messed up political system than they have now. In the real world they already run under a separate political system than the rest of mainland China, this is only worsened in the World of Darkness.
  • Xenophobia is a state of being in the World of Darkness, and the already strained relations between Hong Kong and the rest of Mainland China are even more terrible as a result. Travel between the two ‘regions’ is now not only hampered by bureaucracy, but also the fact that Hong Kong residents are neither trusted nor welcome on the mainland.

This wiki will serve as a central information point on on-going events, plots and characters met, updated both by myself, but also the players as things unfold.

Eastern Promises

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